Special Person with an Extraordinary Life Story

With #HumansofHealthcare, we aim to celebrate the not so ordinary lives of people who have invested their lives in caring for people around them.
We bring you an extraordinary story of Ganesh Manohar Kolap :

"I was born special! I always say this because, in spite of my inability to speak or listen, it has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted. Life has been nothing short of an adventure and I believe in making the most of it each day. As a kid, I loved to dance. It sounds unusual for a person who can’t hear but I still thoroughly enjoy it. I completed my education from a special school and went on to work with a company where I did diamond assortment. After a while, I tried my luck with a hospitality company where I helped them in operations.

Eventually, I got a break with SRL Dr. Avinash Phadke Labs where I started to train in the testing department. Initially, I wasn’t happy with my job role and decided to quit within a couple of days. But the organization did not give up on me and shifted me to an administrative role where I look after the reporting process and stock keeping. Being a perfectionist by nature I’m very particular about my work. It’s been 7 years now and I have never looked back.

While my work life has been a major driving force, last year I got married to someone who shares my world the way I experience it. Having a companion and a group of friends who are equally special is nothing short of a dream!

I believe that it doesn’t matter what the shortcomings are, there is always a life out there waiting for you to be lived!"