Three Myths about HIV/AIDS Busted

by Dr. Ajay Phadke
3 minutes
Three Myths about HIV/AIDS Busted

HIV and AIDS are serious health concerns that continue to spread worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, over 39 million people have died because of HIV or AIDS since 1981. Despite having infected a lot of people, there seemed to be several misconceptions and myths about HIV and AIDS brought about by a lack of knowledge about the disease. A deeper understanding of the illness can help individuals avoid acquiring it.

Here are three myths that most people believe about HIV/AIDS that must be corrected:

1. HIV/AIDS is a Death Sentence

Most people think that acquiring HIV/AIDS may shorten life. Although this could be true to some extent, studies at the University of Pittsburgh show that people with HIV/AIDS can live the lifespan of an average person provided prescribed medications are taken. Checking health status regularly through lab tests online helps you keep track of your condition.

2. HIV/AIDS is Highly Contagious

HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. Unless you’ve had an unprotected sexual encounter or shared a needle with an infected individual, there is no chance you will get infected. If you want to make sure that you and your partner are HIV/AIDS-free, visit a Diagnostics Lab Test Centre Mumbai for a check-up.

3. Negative Test Results Clears you of HIV

If you have recently been tested and cleared for HIV/AIDS, do not be complacent. HIV/ AIDS has an incubation period of at least three months and may not register a positive result on tests. Symptoms also don’t show up until the later stages. If you are concerned about your privacy during a check-up, you can avail of a home collection facility in Mumbai or contact home visit doctors in Mumbai.

HIV/AIDS patients don't' need rejection. Instead, they need understanding and a lot of support. Help prevent the spread of this disease. Have you tested now?