Sperm DNA Fragmentation | Test Details, Symptoms and Causes

The Sperm DNA fragmentation test is used to calculate the amount of breaking down of DNA that occurs....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Feb 25, 2020
Assessing Male Fertility: A Guide to Examining Sperm Quality

Male fertility is something that determines whether a man can have children. This is determined by t....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Feb 20, 2020
Four Important Tests Used to Diagnose Male Infertility Problems

Male Infertility Tests Medical test labs in Mumbai now offer advanced male infertility tests that help resolve these problems more accurately and quickly. Here is a list of the male infertility tests: Semen Analysis: Semen Analysis is the cornerstone....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Aug 19, 2016
Detailed Information about Male infertility tests Available at Phadke Labs

1. SEMEN ANALYSIS A Semen Analysis evaluates the amount and quality of a man’s semen and sperm to determine male fertility. Semen Analysis includes the following tests:-  a. SEMEN TEST  – Rs 350 This test helps to find sperm count ....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Jan 15, 2015
Detailed Information on Sperm Function Tests

SEMEN ANALYSIS :- The true litmus test for male fertility remains the ability to cause pregnancy in vivo. Semen Analysis is used as a surrogate measure of a man’s fertility potential that can provide information on sperm production, patency of the ....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Aug 1, 2014
Information About Basic Infertility tests

Basic tests for infertility. Infertility is a sensitive issue. We’d like to shed some light on this and suggest a roadmap for couples to follow in cases of infertility. Remember, infertility can have multiple causes. The male and the female partner....

By Dr. Ajay Phadke Apr 30, 2013