4 Reasons you should avoid getting wet in the First Rain

With the summer months finally winding, down the wait for rains has begun to gain even more momentum. With rains hitting Kerala already, it seems the rest of the country is well on track for a healthy monsoon season. There is a great childlike urge among people of all ages to make the most of the rain, get wet at least a couple of times and play like we once did when the heavens open up. However, it could be dangerous not to mention unhealthy to get wet in the first rain of the season.

Monsoon is one of the most disease intensive months in the Indian weather calendar. The first rains are something that we have been warned against for ages, and there are very rational reasons for the same. The reasons for the same vary greatly but all essentially point to one thing – getting wet in the first rain is an invitation to ill-health.

Here are a few reasons why getting wet in the first rains could turn out harmful for you and your loved ones

High pollutant content:

The first rain usually carries with its high content of atmospheric pollutants. The first rain usually eliminates the buildup of these harmful toxins and materials. However, if you have managed to get wet in the first rain despite your best efforts make sure that you get in the shower and scrub yourself thoroughly as soon as you get home. While it may sound counter-intuitive, taking a shower after getting wet in the first rains can help you remove the harmful toxins that you might have gotten in contact with.

Increased chances of catching a cold :

After a long season of 40-degree temperatures and above, it is a huge temptation to just stroll out into the rain and feel the cold droplets fall on your face. Try not to give in to this temptation during the first rain. Getting a wet head and soaked clothes can usually mean only one thing, catching a cold. As we all know, there is nothing worse than catching a monsoon cold. If you do get wet make sure you take a shower and change into something dry immediately. Dry your head thoroughly, a wet head makes for a very tempting invitation to the common cold, among other ailments.

Rain makes roads dangerous :

The first rains usually end up making the roads more dangerous than they are. The debris being washed off the road along with people ill-prepared for the rains trying to rush home make for a very dangerous combination. It makes vehicles, especially two-wheelers more prone to skidding and becomes an invitation for a road accident. Make sure that you stop when the rains begin, wait them out, wherever you need to go can wait.

Temperature difference :

The temperature difference during the first rain and the dry months before that makes it very dangerous for anyone getting wet. The temperature difference affects the immune system when it has already gotten used to a certain temperature and conditions, the drastic change in temperature, and if exposed to it for a prolonged period of time, can cause some serious health conditions. It is best to wait out the rains in the shade and make sure that you have your head covered through this rainy season along with having an effective raincoat at hand.

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