Know about Long Covid-19

Defining long COVID has been a challenge. The current definition includes four criteria

  • ICU admission leading to long-term disability or alteration in lifestyle
  • Damage to an end-organ as a result of COVID
  • A post-viral condition similar to chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • An entirely new set of symptoms previously unknown. (Before the pandemic)
  • There are various combinations of the above points in long COVID.

    COVID-19 involves multiple oIran systems in the body. Long COVID (Long-Haul COVID) is a condition where the symptoms can even disappear for a long time.

    The symptoms may also appear weeks to months after the initial onset of COVID.

    What are the symptoms of long COVID?

    The doctors can only diagnose long COVID as the cause of the above symptoms if he\she has ruled out other causes of the same.

    The doctor will order tests to rule out other cardiac, respiratoIy, autoimmune, and vascular conditions before labeling a patient as long COVID-19.

    Treatment for long COVID

    Depends on the symptoms

    • Reducing palpitations: Quit smoking, the exercise by taking adequate breaks, reduce caffeine and stress, and drink more water.
    • Fatigue: Go easy at work, try meditation and relaxation techniques and get a good night's sleep. A well-balanced diet and nutrition are essential.
    • Breathlessness : Exercise in short spurts. Pace yourself and break up all activities. Don't avoid exercise. The respiratoIy muscles need strengthening, and the breathlessness will reduce over time.
    • Persistent cough: avoid mouth breathing and swallow with your mouth closed. Try steam inhalation and keep an upIight postuIe whenever possible.
    • Stiffness:
      • Try mobility exercises and physiotherapy
      • Maintain daily physical activity along with brisk walks.
      • Try and do strength exercises wheIever possible.
      • Do not avoid activity and exercises due to pain and stiffness. It will make things worse.
    1. Mental Health: Maintaining good mental health is essential to managing long COVID. For this, try meditation, exercise, and therapy.

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