Why get a yearly Full body checkup? Here are 5 reasons

As we get older, we have to pay more attention to any possible problems with our health. Medical tests such as the full-body health checkup help us make sure that we are fit and fine, and that no complications have come up related to our health. Increasing stress in our environment due to the fast pace of our lives makes diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure quite common. This has made monitoring our health very important. What better way than a full-body test to ensure our health? As compared to the US, where 90% of people assert the importance of complete health checkups, the number in India is quite low.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously schedule a yearly full medical checkup:

To diagnose issues in time:

It’s never safe to let your health take a backseat, only to be told later that it is too late to fix it. Getting a yearly full medical checkup is important to pinpoint issues before they become illnesses that affect our daily lives. This also depends a lot on one’s medical history. It’s always important to screen for heart issues, cholesterol and diabetes after a certain age because these are common issues in older individuals. If one feels any suspicious symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, etc. it is important to make sure it isn’t because of these issues. Getting a handle on these diseases early can be the difference between managing the disease and getting managed by it.

To detect issues that have a family history

Sometimes, diseases can be genetic. This means that they are passed down from generation to generation. Diabetes, heart disease, and psychological issues among others are the most common hereditary issues seen in a lot of people. Getting a comprehensive health checkup can help screen for these issues and have a healthy, smoothly sailing life by taking measures to deal with these problems if they exist.

To make sure our vitals are all okay

Our vitals tell us if our body is functioning correctly. They include a steady heart rate prior to and after we are done with the exercise, and stable blood pressure and body temperature. Getting a regular health checkup done can help verify that these vitals are all normal. In case of a high amount of sexual activity, these exams can also test for sexually transmitted diseases in order to make sure that one is engaging in safe sexual acts.

To check for cancer in a timely manner

Cancer is basically caused by a rapid division of cells in the body. It is extremely deadly if left untreated, and claims many lives all over the world. Cancer can be hereditary, but there is no definite way to say that a family history causes it. Breast cancer, testicular cancer, colon cancer are some of the most common cancers, and screening for them can help us deal with such issues head-on. It is important to be tested every year if you have a family history of any of these, and also otherwise, in order to take preventive measures in case a diagnosis arises.

Comprehensive health checkups really help us prevent issues that may arise as we get older. They are recommended once a year, but twice a year for those beyond. Simple tests like the body mass index test, or tests of respiratory health can also tell us about our fitness, and whether we need to pay more attention to exercise. All of these steps are important towards living a healthy lifestyle, being aware of what our body is going through, and whether it is functioning optimally.

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