Four Important Tests Used to Diagnose Male Infertility Problems

Male Infertility Tests

Medical test labs in Mumbai now offer advanced male infertility tests that help resolve these problems more accurately and quickly.

Here is a list of the male infertility tests:

Semen Analysis:

Semen Analysis is the cornerstone of male infertility testing.The sperms from the sample semen of the patient are tested for their morphology and motility rate using this test. Any traces of infection or abnormality are checked and reported. Medical test labs in Mumbai recommend conducting the test from samples that are collected over a course of time in order to ensure maximum accuracy of results.

Hormone-based tests:

The sexual development in an individual is largely influenced by the proper functioning of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus as well as the testicles. Hormone production by these glands must be tested in order to ensure normal production of sperms.

Special Sperm Function tests:

The survival of a sperm after ejaculation and its ability to penetrate is essential for a man to be sexually productive. Sperm function tests ensure that the sperm has the ability to attach to an egg and fertilize it successfully.

Scrotal/Transrectal ultrasound:

When the sperm of the patient is found to be 100% normal, then the labs test for physical blockages and other issues like varicocele that may stand on the way to fertility.

Infertility is not the end of the world. Medical technology has progressed significantly and having a fair knowledge about what tests are involved in the diagnosis and treatment phase can help individuals significantly.
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