Assessing Male Fertility: A Guide to Examining Sperm Quality

Male fertility is something that determines whether a man can have children. This is determined by the quality of sperm produced by the male body. There are tests that can be used to test the quality and nature of sperm These include:

Mitochondrial Membrane Potential:

This assesses the cell membranes of sperm cells and is a good test to help decide whether to test further for infertility. This helps to predict sperm motility and structure. The higher the membrane potential, the better.

Semen Analysis:

This is the most commonly ordered test to look at male infertility. Sperm is looked at for its structure (whether they are normal, of good quality), and their motility or speed of movement. Infections are also looked for in these tests.

Hormone Tests:

The pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain region and the testes are all endocrine glands that regulate hormones in the male body. They all aid in sperm production (testes do so directly, and the others indirectly). Testing these glands for their functioning can help gauge male fertility.

Special Sperm Function Tests:

These tests measure the survival of the sperm after ejaculation and its capacity to lead to child production and fertilization of an egg.

Scrotal/ Transrectal Ultrasound:

This test is only carried out if sperm is found to be totally normal. Other physical blockages like varicocele are looked for as they may \ compromise to sperm production.
In today’s day and age, where medical science has progressed so far, it is possible to address infertility issues. The first step is a timely diagnosis.

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