Microbiology & Pathology

A Brainchild of the late Dr.Achyut Phadke, the laboratory is considered as one of the biggest referral labs in the country for infertility investigations like Semen Analysis, Anti-sperm Antibody tests, Sperm function test, Post Coital Test, etc.

Home Collection Facility

Here at Dr.Avinash Phadke"s Lab believe in providing lab tests in the comfort of your home along with the best quality of reports.

Sample Pickups

For sample pickups kindly call, Vaishali Panhalkar : 9821549808 / 61367900 | Ext. 912

Emailing of Reports

When it comes to the care of a patient, we understand that time is one of the most essential factors. We provide E-Mails of the reports to the email address of your choice (in PDF format).